What they say about us

Dra. Vickie Belo

Congratulations on your beautiful Spa

So Proud of you coz you're always one of the "best facialist in Belo", infact you are my personal facialist when I am here. So I know you're going to be so successful & I know you're really sweet & a good person and very hard working. So that's all you have to do, If you're good, people will come, I'm sure just continue the good heart that you have, don't ever get mayabang, don't ever get mukhang pera & make sure you're here to make people Beautiful.

Ambassadress of Beauty, Doctor of the Stars (Phil), Medical Director of Belo Medical Group Phil.


Everytime I'm here at Beyond Skin Care Spa it's a great experience, I feel very relax & rejuvenated & clean. That's really a great goal because I'm so busy 7 days a week to be the Mayor of the city. It's a good opportunity for me to have a relaxation & still add to my health, that's what it's all about.

So I often asked about my skin. "You really have good skin!" I say "I come to Beyond Skin Care."


Worked with a lot of aestheticians in Belo Medical Group, so believe me when I say Richelle is one of the best! She has great knowledge & mastery of her craft, obsessive attention to details, superb skills & most of all - the PASSION to give her clients the best facial experience ever! I'm so privileged to have worked with Her in Belo Skin Care in Glendale California! It's no surprise Beyond Skin Care is doing great!

Senior Managing Physician, Belo Medical Group Phil

I L O N A   K O N T R A

I had the pleasure of knowing Richelle from the 2005, first as my student, later as an esthetician working with us at different trade shows.

Her professionalism, work ethics & humbleness always amazed me. When I learned that She is opening Her salon I was happy for Her & even happier for the people who will experience Her services, knowing that they get the very best personalized service.

Spa Owner - Esthetician


what people say about us

I choose Beyond Skin Care because, "the service is great and the price is reasonable". It is different from others because the staff makes you feel special and it has a friendly environment.

I've been going to Beyond Skin Care because they have good customer service and nice staff. I am satisfied and happy with the results of my treatments. For me, the treatments at Beyond Skin Care are affordable, unlike other places that charges too much. I have been a loyal and long-time customer of Beyond Skin Care since 2012.

I choose Beyond Skin Care because they have better service than other spas in town. The owner, Richelle is hands-on with her business, where "She listens to the needs of her clients and provides them with individualized treatments". She honestly tells you the best treatments for your skin condition to achieve a better result, a healthier and younger looking skin. Beyond Skin Care stands out compare to other spa because the staff educates their clients about the latest products and procedures. In addition, they have a clean and cozy environment. Their staffs are professional and friendly. "They are attentive to all questions and suggestions". I will refer my family and friends to Beyond Skin Care because "I have faith that they are in good hands" and that they will enjoy their experience. I have sensitive & acne prone skin, but since I've been going to Beyond Skin Care, Richelle was able to help me achieve a clear, healthy & beautifyl skin. As a realtor, I am now more confident to face my clients, doing what I do best.

I choose Beyond Skin Care because of Richelle's expertise and knowledge in Skin Care. Richelle is able to personalize the treatment depending on my skin type & not a one type of skin approach for all patients no matter what their condition is. I choose Beyond Skin Care because of great customer service both Richelle and Her administrative staff are very professional & friendly. The spa is very sanitary they make sure to change all supplies after each client. Beyond Skin Care stands out because, "unlike many spas nowadays, Beyond Skin Care will not pressure you to buy products". Many spas will charge less but will pressure the patients to buy their products. Beyond would not even tell you to buy anything unless you asked or it is a must.

What makes them different? "You see results..." I trust Beyond Skin Care. I've been to several skin clinics. I've used expensive products, but only Beyond Skin Care was able to clear up my acne.

I choose Beyond Skin Care for my skin needs because I truly have received "the best service from the staff". "The passion & dedication Richelle has for beauty, shows in her work". When I walk into the spa I immediately feel welcomed. They treat their clients like family. "And they are very good at providing individualized care for your skin".

I choose Beyond Skin Care because "you get quality service for an affordable price". The staff does not pressure you to buy the products they recommend. The staff treats you like family. Beyond Skin Care differs from other places because "The staff makes the effort to know they can give you the best service & they don't make you feel that they are just after your money".