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About us


Having my own skincare spa had always been a dream. That dream grew from a desire to offer the everyday woman someone who bravely meets the demands of modern day living yet cares enough about herself to be pampered like she deserves it beauty care services that were within her means. I imagined a house of beauty where the women walked out the door feeling refreshed and rejuvenated both inside and out ready to take on new challenges again. After working 18 years in the skincare industry, I finally felt the timing was right to make my dream a reality and venture out on my own by setting up my own beauty spa.
I called it 'Beyond Skin Care.' A name that l had hoped would live up to the reputation that l promised to build with hard honest work and a dedication to my clients. And even though l had the business skills and the professional experience then to run a spa, l knew there were many challenges that lay ahead. And there were definitely a few. My husband, Jhunne, and I started to scout for a good location and through a little luck and a whole lot of diligent searching we found the perfect place in Carson. The minute l saw it, l told myself, 'This is the one l've been praying for. I know it is the right place. This is It.”

Our family and friends poured their whole support to help us start building our dream. It is also perhaps through their love and prayers along with HIS grace that things and events seemed to always work together. A former client who was an architect had earlier offered to make the design plans for my spa if I decided to have one in the future. And she did for an incredible discount. Our former family realtor who was also in the construction business helped us acquire the place and also became our building contrac­tor. However, when the layout and the estimated expenses for the construc­tion were presented, we could only sadly cover half of the amount. Money was definitely a major hurdle and had me seriously thinking 'maybe we can't do it at this time yet.' Deep in my heart, however, I knew the timing was perfect. Unfortunately, our pockets weren't deep enough to get the project going. And so we decided to set our plans aside and wait. That didn't mean I gave up hoping. Or praying.

I prayed to HIM that if it was meant for us then everything will work out according to HIS will.

One day, I was praying while I drove to work when a car suddenly hit me from the behind and before I knew it I was in a car accident. Even after the initial shock, I didn't have any idea how badly hit the car was because I wasn't seriously hurting and I didn't feel scared at all. lt was only after the police approached me and told me the extent of the damage to my car that I realized the seriousness of the accident. The car was a total wreck. But God has His own ways of answering our prayers that He can turn even our most serious misfortunes into wonderful blessings. From the accident, I received a fairly good amount of money from the car accident claim. This was the money I used to finance the building project and continue on with my dream. I told my husband that the spa was meant for us. This was God's gift to us because He had worked out a way to make it possible. There were other hurdles along the way but everything seemed to work out accordingly and things would fall into their place. It was meant to be.